One of the biggest misconceptions about assisted living facilities is that once there, there is nothing to do. At Garden Hill Assisted Living, we never want you to worry about your loved one, so we offer age appropriate activities and pastime activities daily. We fill your loved one’s days with hobbies, activities, and events they are sure to enjoy.

We understand that it is a hard decision to move your loved one into our supported living care, but our goal is to give you the peace of mind you need to know that when they are with us, they are in loving, tender hands. Our staff at Garden Hill Assisted Living puts your loved one’s needs at the forefront of their focus and ensures that whether they enjoy being outside, talking to friends, or participating in projects, your loved one’s day is anything but dull.


Keeping your loved one busy.

Of course we always take your loved one’s health management plan into consideration and will never force them to participate in anything that makes them uncomfortable. Our goal is to provide actives and pastime activities so they can surround themselves with neighbors and friends who enjoy doing the same things as they do.

While staying on-site in our retirement village, your loved one can find arts and crafts, group games, daily exercise classes, and scheduled restaurant outings. Whether they want to join daily or come every so often, they have the option to stay as busy as they please. We strive to give our residents enjoyable and fun options so they are never bored and are surrounded by laughter, smiles, and adventure whenever they want.

Pastime actives include:

  • Social Time with Family, Friends, and Neighbors
  • Arts and Crafts Projects
  • Spiritual Programs
  • Fun Group Games — Bingo and Board Games
  • Daily Exercise Classes
  • Engaging Conversations on Current Events
  • Scheduled Town and Restaurant Outings

If you have questions about how your loved one can participate, contact us at Garden Hill Assisted Living today.