While there is a lot to be said about the pros and cons of moving to an assisted living facility or even the difficulty that many seniors face with this decision, it’s clear that the benefits of co-living with family or other seniors are substantial. In fact, co-living in many situations not only improves quality of life, but also helps to extend life expectancy. Co-living can be very difficult on families, especially if a senior needs extra care and attention, but turning to family isn’t always your only option. Here at Garden Hill Assisted Living, we focus on providing seniors with the many benefits of co-living without putting the burden on families. As you make your decision to move to a premier assisted living facility, consider these benefits that are worth noting.

Provides Safety

While living with family can provide a similar level of safety as living in a senior community, living alone is definitely a poor option. If you opt to live by yourself as you age, you’re putting yourself at greater risk of falling without anyone there to help you. In fact, if anything were to happen, from breaking a plate to falling while getting out of the shower, you would be alone with no one to help you in a timely fashion. On top of providing readily present help, assisted living facilities meet specific safety standards and are easily able to accommodate a wide variety of needs safely. As you age and your body doesn’t always respond to you in ways that it used to, safety becomes of utmost importance.

Encourages Activeness

When you’re on your own, even if it’s just for large chunks of the day, it’s quite easy to do nothing but sit and watch TV. In fact, as you age, it often feels better to simply sit and not do much of anything. There’s always some excuse; always something hurting. And we understand, but it’s exceptionally important to stay as active as possible as you age. This can improve your overall physical and mental health. By living with others, you’re more likely to be active and stay moving.

Provides Purpose

It’s easy to lose sight of your meaning of life as you embark on your later years. You’ve worked, you’ve raised children, you’ve contributed to society. But there is still more to do and more to give, even as a senior. Living with other seniors can help provide a sense of purpose, or even help you find a new one. Do you love knitting or crochet? Help make blankets for babies at the hospital. There are many different things you are still capable of and you can still make a difference.

Increases Enjoyment

Co-living can not only help provide a sense of purpose, but it can also increase overall enjoyment. Having camaraderie and company can improve your quality of life, even just by having people to talk to each day. Having a good conversation can make the day just that much brighter. Being able to get help for difficult tasks can reduce frustration, and make it easier for you to move on to better parts of your day. Assisted living facilities provide this enjoyment and group environment for the betterment of all residents.

Creates a Home

The best part about co-living is that it can help make assisted living actually feel like home. Instead of having to go out and struggle to get groceries or other difficult tasks, everything comes right to you. You still have your personal space in your own room, but you also get co-living spaces that keep things interesting and active. It’s easy to call an assisted living facility home when you’re able to have many of the same things and feelings for your new place of habitation.

Provides Community

If you aren’t co-living, it’s hard to find a sense of community. Many people gain their communities from church or through common interests, but as it becomes harder to get out and about, these communities fall to the wayside. Assisted living can provide a new type of supportive and engaging community so you never have to feel alone.

Here at Garden Hill Assisted Living, we work hard to make sure that every resident can feel right at home. Come take a tour and see if our Columbus location is the right fit to call your new home.