1. Common Myths and Fears about Assisted Living

    With major advances in technology and healthcare over the last century, people are living longer. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies aren’t always able to keep up with our minds. Daily tasks and chores become a burden. Many seniors who are able-minded and able-bodied chose a simpler life in assisted living facilities. Commonly referred to as retirement homes, assisted living facilities provide…Read More

  2. Co-Living Benefits for Seniors

    While there is a lot to be said about the pros and cons of moving to an assisted living facility or even the difficulty that many seniors face with this decision, it’s clear that the benefits of co-living with family or other seniors are substantial. In fact, co-living in many situations not only improves quality of life, but also helps to extend life expectancy. Co-living can be very difficult …Read More

  3. Tips for Preventing Slip and Falls

    One of the most dangerous things that can happen to any senior or elderly individual is a slip and fall. While they can happen to anybody, seniors are more susceptible to balance loss and breaking bones due to a fall. In fact, slip and falls can even be deadly for seniors in some cases. If you’re a senior who struggles with balance, muscle strength, or osteoporosis, you’re at risk for a danger…Read More

  4. Tips for Bringing Kids to Visit a Grandparent

    Bringing kids to an assisted living facility to visit their grandparents can often be intimidating, confusing, and overwhelming for some kids. Whether due to fear or discomfort of something they don’t understand, kids have the ability to react negatively. However, there is no reason not to bring kids to visit their grandparents. It can really perk up the grandparent, as well as provide an opport…Read More

  5. Making the Decision to Move to Assisted Living

    As you age, it can be hard to accept that things in your life are changing and more daily activities are outside your control, even outside of your ability to accomplish. But perhaps you value your independence, or you can’t imagine living anywhere else but the home you’ve occupied for over 20 years. It’s understandable that you don’t want to leave your home, however, sometimes it can beco…Read More

  6. Welcome Home to Garden Hill Assisted Living

    Making the decision to move to assisted living or to move a family member into assisted living is never easy. Ideally, it would be both easy and safe to stay in your own home, being able to cook, clean, and drive, however, as we age, it becomes not only difficult to do these tasks but also dangerous. Moving to an assisted living doesn’t have to be a scary change, and with the right location, env…Read More