As you age, it can be hard to accept that things in your life are changing and more daily activities are outside your control, even outside of your ability to accomplish. But perhaps you value your independence, or you can’t imagine living anywhere else but the home you’ve occupied for over 20 years. It’s understandable that you don’t want to leave your home, however, sometimes it can become too dangerous, or simply too difficult, to stay put by yourself. Making the decision to move into an assisted facility, whether for yourself or for a family member, is never an easy one, but there are some key points that can help you make the best decision possible.

Are everyday tasks manageable?

The most important question to ask yourself, or about your loved one, is are everyday tasks still safely manageable? This means, are you able to cook? Can you take care of your own laundry? Do you worry you might fall when you take your shower? If you can no longer accomplish basic tasks such as these safely, then you probably should not be living on your own. Basic care is critical to independence, but as you age, these tasks can become exceptionally difficult. An assisted living community can remove the burden of many of these tasks in order to provide a healthy and safe living situation.

Is driving still an option for you?

If you live in your own home, you need to make sure you have a way to get from place to place. Whether you need to get to the grocery store or you have regular doctors appointments, you have to have some way to get there. As you age, reflexes slow down and vision decreases, making driving a dangerous activity for many seniors. An assisted living facility can provide for your transportation needs safely, making sure that you and others on the road don’t have to worry.

Can you keep track of your medications?

No one particularly likes to take lots of pills, but when your health depends on it, you better be sure to take them. Anyone can be confused by a variety of medications, but with failing short-term memory and the sheer confusion medications can cause, this can be overwhelming for many seniors. If you struggle with your medications, this is just another task that can be taken care of my the specially trained staff at an assisted living facility, so that you don’t have to worry about if you took your blood pressure medicine with breakfast or not.

Are you happy or are you lonely?

While you may be in your own home, perhaps you’re living alone in your own home. If you’re happy, and can manage, it’s ideal to stay put, but if you’re struggling with anything we talked about above and you find yourself depressed or lonely, an assisted living facility can provide you with the mood booster you need. Being around individuals in the same stage of life to support one another can help reduce depression and improve overall mood.

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