Making the decision to move to assisted living or to move a family member into assisted living is never easy. Ideally, it would be both easy and safe to stay in your own home, being able to cook, clean, and drive, however, as we age, it becomes not only difficult to do these tasks but also dangerous. Moving to an assisted living doesn’t have to be a scary change, and with the right location, environment, staff, and services, it can actually be an enriching move for this new stage of life. Here at Garden Hill Assisted Living, we work hard to make sure that our residents don’t feel like strangers and that no matter what, it feels like home.

Each resident at Garden Hill Assisted Living has unique needs and we are able to meet those needs in a variety of ways. Keep reading about what it means to make yourself at home at Garden Hill Assisted Living in Columbus and the many services we provide for our residents.

Home Accommodations

Part of what makes your home your own is the space that you are able to call your own. While you may not have the luxury of a massive house all to yourself when you move into assisted living, you will have a wonderful space to call your own without any of the hassle of upkeep. When you opt to move into Garden Hill Assisted Living, we provide both shared and private rooms, each with a private bathroom. Additionally, there are many tasks, such as cooking, housekeeping, and laundry, all taken care of. But what is best, is that each resident’s care is tailored just for them. No two people need the exact same care or nutrition, so the care team at Garden Hill makes sure that these specific needs are met.

Health Care Management

A difficult part of getting older is that there are many more health care needs, but the capacity to manage these needs becomes somewhat diminished. Things like remembering if pills have been taken, if there is a scheduled doctor’s appointment, or if there are certain necessary therapies can be a struggle. Having the support at an experienced nursing staff to help manage these many needs can be a great addition to any senior’s health care plan. This helps guarantee that pills are taken at the right time and that doctor’s appointments are never missed in order to provide our residents with the appropriate level of health care for their needs.

Senior Activities

If tasks like cooking and cleaning are being taken care of by staff, that means there is plenty of time for residents to do other activities. At Garden Hill Assisted Living, we provide a variety of activities, from fitness to outings, in order to help keep our residents sharp and involved. No resident should ever feel bored or alone with the variety of activities available. In addition to planned activities, residents are always able to enjoy their favorite TV program or a good book.

Making the move to Garden Hill Assisted Living may be the best move to make. Come tour our facility and see if it’s right for yourself or a family member, and when the move happens, we’ll be happy to welcome you home.