The holidays are a time to spend with family and share love and joy. Exchanging gifts is a traditional way to express caring and appreciation. One of the hardest members of your family to shop for can be the person who already has everything and your loved one who lives in assisted living. We, here at Garden Hills Assisted Living, know how important your loved ones who live with us are to you, so we’ve created this list of potential gifts.

Personalized Gifts

Photo shops such as Walgreens and Shutterfly offer many personalized photo gift ideas that are perfect for assisted living residents.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee time is a social time in an assisted living community. A personalized mug gives your loved one the opportunity to show off those who love them.


Many seniors love to put together jigsaw puzzles to help keep their minds active and pass the time. Many puzzles have beautifully intricate images, but what is better than fitting the pieces of your loved ones smiling faces together?


Artwork created by family is the perfect adornment to any assisted living apartment walls. Not only does it help provide color and decoration to otherwise boring walls, but is a constant visual reminder of people who care.

Something Cozy

As people age, their ability to regulate body temperature is reduced. Being snug and warm is comforting to seniors.

Warm Socks

The feet are the body part most likely to be cold. Some cozy warm socks are the perfect gift. Thick, mid-calf wool socks are practical for wearing in shoes while your loved one is up and about. While a pair of rubber-soled slipper socks is great for winding down in their apartment or wearing to bed.

Fleece Blanket

A fleece blanket is a great throw while snuggled in a recliner catching up on the news or curling up on the bed with to read a good book. Thin fleece blankets are cozy and perfect for layering as the weather gets colder.


Robes, serve a functional purpose of keeping your loved one warm after a shower. They are often referred to as housecoats are inside jackets that provide a warm hug you can wear, and what’s a better gift than a hug you can wear?

Practical Gifts

The best gifts you can get anyone are practical things they can use all the time. Not only does it make it worth your investment, but then your loved one will think about you everytime they used the gift.


As eyesight demolishes, the joy of reading does not. Giving your loved one an eReader loaded with their favorite books allows them to continue to enjoy a favorite pastime while increasing word size as needed.

Hygiene Items

Daily hygiene is a big part of anyone’s day. Making personal hygiene more convenient and comfortable will allow your loved one’s day start and end better, and it’s the little things that matter. Some ideas include electric razors and toothbrushes, cologne, mouthwash, and chapstick.

Therapy Accessories

Carrying pouches for assistive devices such as walkers or wheelchairs hold all the things your loved one likes to take along with them with hands-free convenience. If your loved one could use things such as a grabber, special eating utensils, or a magnifying glass, they all make life a little more comfortable.

Gifts for seniors living in assisted living should be practical and meet their specific needs. It will help make their lives easier and more comfortable. Gift giving is easier than it may seem if you take some time to evaluate their needs. If they already have everything on this list and they aren’t giving you any ideas, ask their caregivers if they have any ideas. And remember, your time is the best gift you can give anyone you love.