1. Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living

    The holidays are a time to spend with family and share love and joy. Exchanging gifts is a traditional way to express caring and appreciation. One of the hardest members of your family to shop for can be the person who already has everything and your loved one who lives in assisted living. We, here at Garden Hills Assisted Living, know how important your loved ones who live with us are to you, so …Read More

  2. Assisted Living Facility Resident Rights

    It is no secret that people who are institutionalized are vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Our senior population who live in assisted living facilities are at particular risk because they are institutionalized due to a physically limiting condition, and are generally unable to completely care for themselves. This makes it easier for the elderly residents to be exploited, abused, or taken ad…Read More

  3. How To Make Your Loved One Comfortable in Assisted Living

    When your loved one makes the decision to move to an assisted living facility, it can be a time of great uncertainty and adjustment. While some people make the decision because they don't want the burden of maintaining their homes alone any longer, others make the decision because they have become physically limited and require some assistance. Somewhere along the line, assisted living facilities …Read More

  4. Common Myths and Fears about Assisted Living

    With major advances in technology and healthcare over the last century, people are living longer. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies aren’t always able to keep up with our minds. Daily tasks and chores become a burden. Many seniors who are able-minded and able-bodied chose a simpler life in assisted living facilities. Commonly referred to as retirement homes, assisted living facilities provide…Read More