With major advances in technology and healthcare over the last century, people are living longer. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies aren’t always able to keep up with our minds. Daily tasks and chores become a burden. Many seniors who are able-minded and able-bodied chose a simpler life in assisted living facilities. Commonly referred to as retirement homes, assisted living facilities provide independent living with all the help. Assisted living is not to be confused with long-term care facilities, which provide 24-hour total care for residents unable to live on their own or perform activities of daily living (hygiene and grooming, feeding, or toileting) independently. Assisted living facilities provide an apartment or condo-style rooms for a resident to live in, along with on-site healthcare professionals, common eating areas, and activities. Over the years, misconceptions have lead to a fear of choosing assisted living.

Myth: Assisted living means surrendering independence

Quite the opposite! Most assisted living centers cater to the resident. Residents have the freedom to come and go as you please. Meal times and options available to provide residents with freedom of choice. To live in an assisted living home, a resident MUST be able to live independently and take care of their own activities of daily living. On-site staff is available for support and assistance!

Myth: Only the old and dying live in assisted living

False! People as young as early fifties are choosing assisted living as a means to relax and enjoy their time engaging in hobbies and their families rather than the mundane tasks of caring for a home. No medical diagnosis or assistance is required to live in an assisted living facility. Assisted living communities are geared toward the senior community, who are young at heart. Activities, social outings, and independent activities are meant to help keep residents as young and active as possible. Assisted living communities provide residents with the assistance and access to social settings that they may not get otherwise.

Myth: Assisted living facilities are “dumping grounds” for the old

Truth is, many families support and even encourage their senior loved ones to choose an assisted living community to provide peace of mind to everyone. In current times, it is common for both partners to be earning an income outside of the home and working ages are getting older. This doesn’t often leave anyone at home to make sure mom and dad are okay. Assisted living facilities provide social interaction for the senior as well as assurance to the family that their loved ones are getting all their needs met.

Today’s assisted living communities are reminiscent of college dorms, without the drinking or studying! Home-like studio apartments furnished with your own belongings. On-campus activities to keep the residents active and engaged. Restaurant style cafeterias, courtyards, security, and support staff. Many come equipped with cable and wi-fi, along with laundry and housekeeping services. You worked hard your whole life, now it’s time to spend your golden years doing what matters most, let someone else take care of the rest.